About Me

I have a Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy and a Masters in the Art of Teaching in secondary (grades 6-12) social studies, which will hopefully get me a job teaching one of these days. I maintain strong hobbies in gaming and game design, music production, historical fencing, and academic psychology, and I have some rather outdated experience with various flavors of engineering, math, and the hard sciences.

I maintain this blog to post what I believe to be constructive and helpful ideas and comments about tabletop gaming, especially RPGs. Updates are sporadic because I try to only post content that I think is worth reading – if I posted weekly you’d be subjected to a lot of worthless filler, and nobody wants that.

You can also reach me via the Contact page to learn more.

  1. Hey, I can’t find a way better way to contact you… it’s about a thing with internet and gaming. Mind shooting me an email?

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