About Me

For some reason these are always in third person. That’s weird, but here we go –

The Hydra DM is a history-teacher-hopeful with degrees in History and Philosophy, and soon to be Education. He maintains strong hobbies in gaming and game design, music production, historical fencing, and academic psychology, and has some rather outdated experience with various flavors of engineering, math, and the hard sciences.

He blogs to give back to the community that helped him along his way ever since 2010, when he first realized there was an amazing half of gaming (tabletop ones!) that he barely noticed before. With thousands of hard hours spending learning about them since then, it’s the least he can do.

Learn more about interacting with him via the Contact page.

  1. Hey, I can’t find a way better way to contact you… it’s about a thing with internet and gaming. Mind shooting me an email?

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