An Update

Turns out I promised to turn out part 2 of my analysis of the Power Options available to, and the other statistics of, the monsters in D&D sometime last week, huh?

So… where is it? What gives Hydra DM, I thought you were cool!

Well, turns out that I spent a good chunk of time this week battling a system crippling string of invasive malware! Yay fun! While my computer remains operational, it unfortunately experienced some issues when it did things like, say, restart itself for no good reason. Such as losing all of my excel spreadsheet data that I was working on.

Ergo, the second part of that article may take up to another week’s worth of work to get out there. Sorry everybody!


The Hydra DM


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  1. Look forward to reading it. Your first one left my mouth agape as my brain struggled to comprehend the math while simultaneously absolutely eating it up!

    What else do you have planned for future articles? Or are you like me and it’s completely random with some grand scheme that never fully gets realized?! 🙂


    • As it turns out my update post here is a bit off-base, even. I’ve found something interesting in the course of my numbers-crunching and decided to follow the rabbit hole, which would explain the relative lateness of the second part. I figured better to have a two-part article in which both parts say something than a three-part article in which part two is basically a “next time on Dragonball Z…”

      That being said, my plans for future articles include basically anything I happen to be working on at the moment that I think is worth sharing. Adventure material, monsters, general game design theory and implementation, things specific to running games online, etc. etc. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge as you suggest, although the next big thing I hope to release is my take on Dungeon Oracle’s first Cartography feature. (You can find the original here: )

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